Contributing to a sustainable dairy sector, The World Dairy Summit is invoking change in one of the largest food industries. In October, congress centre and concert hall De Doelen in Rotterdam will be taken over by the global dairy community. Dairy producers, scientist and food and welfare organisations who want to make an environmental, social and economic difference, get together in order to invoke change in the dairy sector. In the run up to this event Het Portaal facilitates the dialogue on the summit’s website and social media, and sheds light on the major themes by publishing articles from various experts. This informative platform brings context to and prepares the participants for their stay in Rotterdam.


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The food sector as a whole is facing the challenge of feeding a growing population. The predictions are there will be over 9 billion mouths to feed in 2050. In order to succeed in this challenge, and in order to do this in a sustainable way, looking after our planet and own health, we need to work together. The dairy sector in particular feels the need to invest in this venture, since producing dairy is one of the most sustainable ways to acquire healthy animal protein. During the summit, lectures will be held discussing themes such as animal welfare, nutrition, economics, technology, food safety, farming, and the dairy footprint worldwide. The themes are based on a number of Sustainable Development goals, which are set by the United Nations. The objective is to start a constructive dialogue between different stakeholders within the dairy sector.

IDF takes responsibility by organizing the World Dairy Summit, Het Portaal is happy to contribute in order to move towards a sustainable and healthy future for the world population. Via the platform numerous professionals from throughout the dairy chain can speak up and share their views on a sustainable future.

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