Het Portaal works for companies and organisations that understand that the best results are down to a real dialogue and cooperation with clients and stakeholders. 

So, two-way communication, in which listening, authenticity, (core) values and openness are important factors. The message or the promise needs to be in line with the actions taken.

Standing still means regression
In order to take the chances linked to today’s (social) challenges, organisations have to cooperate in new ways and formulate new organisational models. They need to apply a different tone of voice and build up a more meaningful relationship with employees, clients and stakeholders. Social and economic transitions ask for a new logic for entrepreneurship, organising and communicating. The trust in and loyalty to organisations and companies is constantly under pressure. Only organisations and companies that really know how to connect with their stakeholders (employees, clients, critical observers) through a recognisable and relevant purpose and proactively respond to social trends are ready for the future.

Creating value from values
It sounds simple, but according to Het Portaal, successful entrepreneurship and organisation is all about the search for win-win situations. Only if you manage to create value for all stakeholders – so not only the shareholders – you will have a sustainable right to exist. This requires a close and continuous connection with society: with customers’ needs and requirements, with the personal and professional motivation of employees and with the interests and values of social players. We will gladly help you to achieve this!

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