Running a company or an organisation today is just not possible without recognizing your social responsibility.
Sustainable relationships with your stakeholders are the cornerstone of CSR. Building this kind of connection requires you to communicate in an authentic and transparant way, and to be willing to engage in an open dialogue.  Dare to listen to your stakeholders and be bold enough to actively find shared goals to achieve in collaboration with them.

Using the latest, most efficient tools, Het Portaal builds and maintains the networks and relationships that help you running a sustainable organisation.





  • Rien Bongers


  • Thomas van Gaal

    Creatief directeur

  • Doris Vermeer


  • Ike de Rooij

    Commercieel manager

  • Evelien van den Brink


  • Veerle Voesten

    Content & community manager

  • Birgitte van Vugt

    Office manager

  • Vera de Sterke


  • Barbara de Wijn


  • Leland Sontotirto

    Junior projectmedewerker

  • Jayanti Lalji